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synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of photochromism molecular and its application in ion sensors
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0703 化学
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07 理学
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本文合成出了一系列具有不同结构的光致变色萘并吡喃化合物NP1-NP13,利用核磁氢谱(1H NMR)、核磁碳谱(13C NMR)和质谱(MS)进行表征确定了这些萘并吡喃化合物的结构。接下来本文探究了这些萘并吡喃分子的光学性质,利用紫外-可见分光光度计(UV-Vis)测定了这些萘并吡喃化合物在紫外光照射下的开环与关环的吸收光谱、动力学和耐疲劳性,比较了这些萘并吡喃分子。从合成的化合物中选出合适的光致变色萘并吡喃分子3-苯基-3-4-哌啶基苯基)-3H-萘并[2,1-b]吡喃(NP5)与荧光染料用溶液置换法做成纳米颗粒,构建离子传感器,利用荧光染料与光致变色分子萘并吡喃之间的荧光共振能量转移来实现对钾离子的定量测量。

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In recent years, photochromic molecules have attracted extensive attention of scientists due to their advantages of fast response speed, good thermal stability, and good fatigue resistance. Among these molecules, naphthopyran molecules have become one of the most practical photochromic molecules, and designing and synthesizing naphthopyran molecules with excellent performance has become a new research hotspot. Because naphthopyran molecules have good photochromic properties. A group with a bonding site is introduced into its skeleton, and the photoelectric signal is detected through the interaction between the ion and the bonding site or through the phenomenon of fluorescence resonance energy transfer.The synthesis of novel ion sensors based on naphthopyran molecules has broad application prospects and potential value.

In this research, a series of photochromic naphthopyran compounds NP1-NP13 with different structures were synthesized. These structures of photochromic naphthopyrran compounds were characterized by 1H NMR, 13C NMR and MS. Next, the optical properties of these naphthopyran molecules were explored in this research, and the absorption spectra, fatigue resistance and kinetics of the ring-opening and ring-closing of these naphthopyran compounds under UV light irradiation were measured by UV-Vis. We compared these naphthopyran molecules according to the optical properties. A suitable photochromic naphthopyran molecule, 3-phenyl-3-(4-piperidinylphenyl)-3H-naphtho[2,1-b]pyran, was selected from the synthesized compounds. The NP5 and fluorescent dyes were made into nanoparticles by the solution displacement method, and the ion sensor was constructed. The quantitative measurement of potassium ions was achieved by the fluorescence resonance energy transfer between the fluorescent dyes and the photochromic molecule naphthopyran.

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王子阁. 光致变色分子的合成、光谱表征及在离子传感器中的应用[D]. 深圳. 南方科技大学,2022.
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