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The study on magnetic order in 2D vdW antiferromagnet CoPS3

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LIU Qiye
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Xiaodong Cui
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The study on two-dimensional (2D) magnets coupled by van der Waals (vdW) force can be traced back to 50 years ago, however, interest has renewed recently due to the discovery of magnetism in vdW magnets down to the 2D limit, which does not only provide an ideal platform to study the basic magnetic model but also has potential applications in ultra-high density data storage and information processing. Among them, 2D antiferromagnets have attracted much attention due to zero net magnetic moments and are insensitive to external disturbances, making them ideal candidates for the building blocks in information storage. In this thesis, we focus on 2D transition metal phosphorus trisulfides (TMPS3, TM = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni), which are a class of vdW antiferromagnetic (AF) materials. Our target material is CoPS3, which is a representative of 2D planar antiferromagnet. Its single-layer carries the promise of monolayer AF platforms for the ultimately thin spintronics. This thesis reports our experimental study on the magnetic properties of CoPS3 down to the monolayer limit with optical spectroscopy.


This thesis can be divided into two parts. In the first part, we focus on the study of the long-range magnetic order and magnetostrictive effects in CoPS3 with polarization-resolved Raman spectroscopy. We have successfully observed the paramagnetic-AF phase transition in monolayer CoPS3. Phenomenally, the splitting of the double-degenerate Eg phonon mode of the Co-atom correlation vibration and the appearance of a new peak (P2') in the LL configuration indicates the presence of quasi-long-range ordering below TKT in 2D XY-type antiferromagnet. In the second part, we investigate the magnetic anisotropy of monolayer CoPS3 using polarization-resolved broadband pump-probe reflectance spectroscopy. We experimentally demonstrated the correlation between the zigzag AF order and observed linear dichroism effects. This correlation not only provides an effective method for probing the magnetic order in few-layer antiferromagnets but also offers the possibility of ultrafast optical measurements of AF dynamics and their critical behavior.


Our findings provide evidence towards the understanding of the fundamental mechanism of magnetostrictive effects and magnetic linear dichroism (MLD) in 2D AF materials, and demonstrate that circular polarization-resolved Raman spectroscopy and broadband pump-probe reflectance spectroscopy are effective tools for the indirect detection of 2D antiferromagnetism down to the monolayer limit. In addition, we believe that our results will help clear some obstacles to the future fabrication of AF storage and spintronic devices.

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对范德华(vdW)力耦合的二维(2D)磁体的研究可以追溯到50年前,最近,由于在二维极限(单层)的vdW材料中发现了磁性,重新引起了人们的兴趣。二维磁性不仅为研究基本磁模型提供了理想的平台,而且在超高密度数据存储和信息处理方面也有潜在的应用。其中,二维反铁磁体由于零净磁矩而备受关注,其对外界干扰不敏感,是信息存储中构建模块的理想选择。在本论文中,我们关注二维过渡金属磷三硫化物(TMPS3,TM = Mn,Fe,Co,Ni),它们是一类vdW反铁磁性(AF)材料。我们的目标材料是CoPS3,它是二维平面反铁磁体的代表。单层CoPS3有望成为研究单层自旋电子学的平台。本论文报告了我们使用光谱学的手段对块体以及薄层的CoPS3磁性的实验研究。



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Liu QY. The study on magnetic order in 2D vdW antiferromagnet CoPS3[D]. 香港. 香港大学,2022.
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