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MIBiG 3.0: a community-driven effort to annotate experimentally validated biosynthetic gene clusters

Terlouw,Barbara R.1; Blin,Kai2; Navarro-Muñoz,Jorge C.1,3; Avalon,Nicole E.4; Chevrette,Marc G.5; Egbert,Susan6; Lee,Sanghoon7; Meijer,David1; Recchia,Michael J.J.7; Reitz,Zachary L.1; van Santen,Jeffrey A.7,8; Selem-Mojica,Nelly9; Tørring,Thomas10; Zaroubi,Liana7; Alanjary,Mohammad1; Aleti,Gajender11; Aguilar,César12; Al-Salihi,Suhad A.A.13; Augustijn,Hannah E.1,14; Avelar-Rivas,J. Abraham15; Avitia-Domínguez,Luis A.14,15; Barona-Gómez,Francisco14,15; Bernaldo-Agüero,Jordan16; Bielinski,Vincent A.17; Biermann,Friederike1,18,19; Booth,Thomas J.2,20; Carrion Bravo,Victor J.14,21,22; Castelo-Branco,Raquel23,24; Chagas,Fernanda O.25; Cruz-Morales,Pablo2; Du,Chao14; Duncan,Katherine R.26; Gavriilidou,Athina27,28; Gayrard,Damien29; Gutiérrez-García,Karina30; Haslinger,Kristina31; Helfrich,Eric J.N.18,19; van der Hooft,Justin J.J.1,32; Jati,Afif P.33; Kalkreuter,Edward34; Kalyvas,Nikolaos3; Kang,Kyo Bin35; Kautsar,Satria34; Kim,Wonyong36; Kunjapur,Aditya M.37; Li,Yong Xin38; Lin,Geng Min39; Loureiro,Catarina40; Louwen,Joris J.R.1; Louwen,Nico L.L.1; Lund,George41; Parra,Jonathan42,43,44; Philmus,Benjamin45; Pourmohsenin,Bita27,28; Pronk,Lotte J.U.1; Rego,Adriana23,46; Rex,Devasahayam Arokia Balaya47; Robinson,Serina48; Rosas-Becerra,L. Rodrigo14,15; Roxborough,Eve T.49; Schorn,Michelle A.40; Scobie,Darren J.26; Singh,Kumar Saurabh1; Sokolova,Nika31; Tang,Xiaoyu50; Udwary,Daniel51; Vigneshwari,Aruna52; Vind,Kristiina53,54; Vromans,Sophie P.J.M.1; Waschulin,Valentin55; Williams,Sam E.56; Winter,Jaclyn M.57; Witte,Thomas E.58; Xie,Huali1,59; Yang,Dong60; Yu,Jingwei61; Zdouc,Mitja1; Zhong,Zheng40; Collemare,Jérôme3; Linington,Roger G.7; Weber,Tilmann2; Medema,Marnix H.1,14
Corresponding AuthorWeber,Tilmann; Medema,Marnix H.
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With an ever-increasing amount of (meta)genomic data being deposited in sequence databases, (meta)genome mining for natural product biosynthetic pathways occupies a critical role in the discovery of novel pharmaceutical drugs, crop protection agents and biomaterials. The genes that encode these pathways are often organised into biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs). In 2015, we defined the Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster (MIBiG): a standardised data format that describes the minimally required information to uniquely characterise a BGC. We simultaneously constructed an accompanying online database of BGCs, which has since been widely used by the community as a reference dataset for BGCs and was expanded to 2021 entries in 2019 (MIBiG 2.0). Here, we describe MIBiG 3.0, a database update comprising large-scale validation and re-annotation of existing entries and 661 new entries. Particular attention was paid to the annotation of compound structures and biological activities, as well as protein domain selectivities. Together, these new features keep the database up-to-date, and will provide new opportunities for the scientific community to use its freely available data, e.g. for the training of new machine learning models to predict sequence-structure-function relationships for diverse natural products. MIBiG 3.0 is accessible online at https://mibig.secondarymetabolites.org/.

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Horizon 2020[101000392] ; Horizon 2020[101000794] ; National Institutes of Health[1R01AI155694] ; National Research Foundation of Korea[2020R1C1C1004046] ; National Research Foundation of Korea[2022R1C1C2004118] ; National Science Foundation[2032243] ; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft[398967434-TRR 261] ; Consejo Tamaulipeco de Ciencia y Tecnología[735867] ; Consejo Tamaulipeco de Ciencia y Tecnología[757173] ; Horizon 2020[765147] ; Horizon 2020[893122] ; European Research Council[948770] ; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council[BB/R022054/1] ; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council[BB/W013959/1] ; U.S. Department of Energy[DE-AC02-05CH11231] ; Danmarks Grundforskningsfond[DNRF137] ; Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro[E-26/211.314/2019] ; National Institutes of Health[F32AT011475] ; National Institutes of Health[GM134688] ; Horizon 2020[MSCA-IF-EF-ST-897121] ; Novo Nordisk Fonden[NNF16OC0021746] ; Novo Nordisk Fonden[NNF20CC0035580] ; Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia[SFRH/BD/136367/2018] ; Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia[SFRH/BD/140567/2018] ; National Institutes of Health[U24AT010811] ; Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek[VI.Veni.202.130]
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DepartmentSUSTech-Peking University National Institute of Plants and Food
1.Bioinformatics Group,Wageningen University,Wageningen,Droevendaalsesteeg,6708 PB,Netherlands
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GB/T 7714
Terlouw,Barbara R.,Blin,Kai,Navarro-Muñoz,Jorge C.,et al. MIBiG 3.0: a community-driven effort to annotate experimentally validated biosynthetic gene clusters[J]. Nucleic Acids Research,2023,51(D1):D603-D610.
Terlouw,Barbara R..,Blin,Kai.,Navarro-Muñoz,Jorge C..,Avalon,Nicole E..,Chevrette,Marc G..,...&Medema,Marnix H..(2023).MIBiG 3.0: a community-driven effort to annotate experimentally validated biosynthetic gene clusters.Nucleic Acids Research,51(D1),D603-D610.
Terlouw,Barbara R.,et al."MIBiG 3.0: a community-driven effort to annotate experimentally validated biosynthetic gene clusters".Nucleic Acids Research 51.D1(2023):D603-D610.
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