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Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 354 diseases and injuries for 195 countries and territories, 1990-2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 James, Spencer L. G. 11433
Clinical Characteristics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in China Guan, W. 8113
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)1 Klionsky,Daniel J. 8081
Antibody Responses to SARS-CoV-2 in Patients With Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 Juanjuan Zhao 7193
Population and fertility by age and sex for 195 countries and territories, 1950-2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 Murray 7169
Valley polarization in MoS2 monolayers by optical pumping Zeng, Hualing 6896
Global, regional, and national age-sex-specific mortality for 282 causes of death in 195 countries and territories, 1980-2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 Roth, Gregory A. 5517
硅藻生物炭对Pb2+的吸附/回收性能和机理研究 钟淦圣 4097
人组织 CXCR6+ NK细胞的表型功能鉴定及其体外扩增 苏旭 3685
Phase transition and plastic deformation mechanisms induced by self-rotating grinding of GaN single crystals Li,Chen 3506
Elevated Calprotectin and Abnormal Myeloid Cell Subsets Discriminate Severe from Mild COVID-19 Silvin,Aymeric 3109
Kinetics of viral load and antibody response in relation to COVID-19 severity Wang,Yanqun 3108
Experimental Treatment with Favipiravir for COVID-19: An Open-Label Control Study Cai, Qingxian 3105
MIL-96-Al for Li-S Batteries: Shape or Size? Geng, Pengbiao 3094
Enhancing Learning Efficiency of Brain Storm Optimization via Orthogonal Learning Design Ma, Lianbo 2862
All-Inorganic Quantum-Dot LEDs Based on a Phase-Stabilized α-CsPbI3 Perovskite Wang,Ya Kun 2837
AuB8-: an Au-borozene complex Wei-Jia Chen 2501
Author Correction: Retrospective evaluation of whole exome and genome mutation calls in 746 cancer samples (Nature Communications, (2020), 11, 1, (4748), 10.1038/s41467-020-18151-y) Bailey,Matthew H. 2415
Global, regional, and national comparative risk assessment of 84 behavioural, environmental and occupational, and metabolic risks or clusters of risks for 195 countries and territories, 1990-2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 Stanaway, Jeffrey D. 2351
Modelling the Economic Impacts of Compound Hazards through the Production Supply Chain in the Post-pandemic World 胡艺馨 1770
Comorbidity and its impact on 1590 patients with COVID-19 in China: a nationwide analysis Guan, Wei-jie 1630
Aqueous-phase formation of N-containing secondary organic compounds affected by the ionic strength Gan,Yuqi 1554
Effects of NO2 and SO2 on the secondary organic aerosol formation from beta-pinene photooxidation Zang,Xiangyu 1528
Nanocrystalline W-based alloys with ultrahigh hardness and exceptional irradiation tolerance Wu, Z. M. 1502
Selective laser melting of the hard-to-weld IN738LC superalloy: Efforts to mitigate defects and the resultant microstructural and mechanical properties Wang, H. 1501
Effects of agricultural activities on the temporal variations of streamflow: trends and long memory Chen, Chuke 1442
Microfluidics for Biomedical Analysis Yang, Yong 1439
Neutrophil development at single cell resolution 周波 1260
ZnO nanostructures: growth, properties and applications Djurisic 1241
Ultrahigh power factor and thermoelectric performance in hole-doped single-crystal SnSe Zhao, Li-Dong 1221
基于拓扑边缘态输运性质的器件设计与研究 徐勇 1192
Global, regional, and national disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) for 359 diseases and injuries and healthy life expectancy (HALE) for 195 countries and territories, 1990-2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 Kyu, Hmwe Hmwe 1187
Dynamic coupling of ferrihydrite transformation and associated arsenic desorption/redistribution mediated by sulfate-reducing bacteria Zhou,Wenjing 1183
Surface modification toward luminescent and stable silica-coated quantum dots color filter Zhao, Bingxin 1084
金属-多层二维MoS2异质结的理论研究 王倩 1065
Adaptive moving mesh upwind scheme for the two-species chemotaxis model Chertock, Alina 1053
Mapping geographical inequalities in oral rehydration therapy coverage in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000-17 Wiens,Kirsten E. 1047
A robust aqueous-processable polymer binder for long-life, high-performance lithium sulfur battery Yi, Huan 1038
Mapping local patterns of childhood overweight and wasting in low- and middle-income countries between 2000 and 2017 Kinyoki,Damaris K. 1037
Luminescent Organogold(III) Complexes with Long-Lived Triplet Excited States for Light-Induced Oxidative C?H Bond Functionalization and Hydrogen Production To, Wai-Pong 1031
New Benzo[1,2-d:4,5-d ']bis([1,2,3]thiadiazole) (iso-BBT)-Based Polymers for Application in Transistors and Solar Cells Bianchi, Luca 1027
An asymptotic preserving scheme for the two-dimensional shallow water equations with Coriolis forces Liu, Xin 1026
Vertex-primitive s-arc-transitive digraphs of linear groups Giudici, Michael 1021
A New Approach for Designing Moving-Water Equilibria Preserving Schemes for the Shallow Water Equations Cheng, Yuanzhen 1018
Solvothermal synthesis of nano-LiMnPO4 from Li3PO4 rod-like precursor: reaction mechanism and electrochemical properties Yang, Shi-Liu 1017
Well-balanced schemes for the Euler equations with gravitation: Conservative formulation using global fluxes Chertock, Alina 1015
Well-balanced positivity preserving central-upwind scheme with a novel wet/dry reconstruction on triangular grids for the Saint-Venant system Liu, Xin 1013
ZnO nanorod/GaN light-emitting diodes: The origin of yellow and violet emission bands under reverse and forward bias Chen, Xinyi 1011
Universal fluctuations in the bulk of Rayleigh-Benard turbulence Xie, Yi-Chao 1008
Scalable fabrication of robust superhydrophobic membranes by one-step spray-coating for gravitational water-in-oil emulsion separation Lin, Jiuyang 999
Role of cloud ERP and big data on firm performance: a dynamic capability view theory perspective Gupta, Shivam 999
A Second-Order Finite-Difference Method for Compressible Fluids in Domains with Moving Boundaries Chertock, Alina 991
Hole pairing from attraction of opposite-chirality spin vortices: Non-BCS superconductivity in underdoped cuprates Marchetti, P. A. 990
High-order positivity-preserving hybrid finite-volume-finite-difference methods for chemotaxis systems Chertock, Alina 988
High-Temperature Dielectric Materials for Electrical Energy Storage Li, Qi 981
Indent Size Effects of Hydrogels at Micro-Meter Scale Wang, Kui 980
Implementation of compressible porous-fluid coupling method in an aerodynamics and aeroacoustics code part I: Laminar flow Li, Zhiyong 979
Large-scale fabrication of hierarchical alpha-Fe2O3 assemblies as high performance anode materials for lithium-ion batteries Ma, Ruguang 979
Bifurcation analysis of dynamic pricing processes with nonlinear external reference effects Lu, Shuixiu 976
Uniform convergence of V-cycle multigrid finite element method for one-dimensional time-dependent fractional problem Chen, Minghua 975
Well-balanced schemes for the shallow water equations with Coriolis forces Chertock, Alina 974
A novel MM algorithm and the mode-sharing method in Bayesian computation for the analysis of general incomplete categorical data Tian, Guo-Liang 970
Facile low-temperature supercritical carbonization method to prepare high-loading nickel single atom catalysts for efficient photodegradation of tetracycline Qiao,Han 963
Splitting Water on Metal Oxide Surfaces Xu, Hu 960
Analytical modelling of sound transmission loss across finite clamped triple-wall sandwich panels in the presence of external mean flow Shen, Chao 955
Fabrication of Nano-Size AB-Type Carbonated Hydroxyapatite Particles from Seashells Ge, Y. M. 955
Polymer solar cells with enhanced fill factors Guo, Xugang 950
Genetic, biological and epidemiological study on a cluster of H9N2 avian influenza virus infections among chickens, a pet cat, and humans at a backyard farm in Guangxi, China Yang, Jing 950
Methyl Thioether Functionalization of a Polymeric Donor for Efficient Solar Cells Processed from Non-Halogenated Solvents Zhang, Chun-Hui 949
Trapped ultracold bosons in periodically modulated lattices Huo, Jia-Wei 943
Superconducting proximity effect on the block antiferromagnetism in KyFe2-xSe2 Jiang, Hong-Min 941
Spray Coating of Polymer Electret with Nano Particles for Stable Surface Charge Xu, Yixin 940
Reduced carbon emission estimates from fossil fuel combustion and cement production in China Liu, Zhu 939
Organogold(III) Supramolecular Polymers for Anticancer Treatment Zhang, Jing-Jing 935
Spray coating of polymer electret with polystyrene nanoparticles for electrostatic energy harvesting Xu, Yixin 932
Quest for an intermolecular Au(III)center dot center dot center dot Au(III) interaction between cyclometalated gold(III)cations Lu, Wei 928
Effect of ZnO Nanoparticle Properties on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Performance Wong, Ka Kan 926
Interfacial thermal resistance: Past, present, and future Chen, Jie 923
Energy-decreasing exponential time differencing Runge–Kutta methods for phase-field models Fu,Zhaohui 912
Highly selective and active CO2 reduction electro-catalysts based on cobalt phthalocyanine/carbon nanotube hybrid structures Zhang, Xing 911
Indium oxide, tin oxide and indium tin oxide nanostructure growth by vapor deposition Fung, M. K. 910
Optical signature of symmetry variations and spin-valley coupling in atomically thin tungsten dichalcogenides Zeng, Hualing 908
Design and Fabrication of MEMS Microheater and Its Application in Gas Sensing 陈宇龙 905
Efficient synthesis and facile functionalization of highly fluorescent spiro [pyrrol-pyran] Tan, Jingyun 903
Multiscale Investigation of Femtosecond Laser Pulses Processing Aluminum in Burst Mode Rong, Yiming 899
Atomistic insights into the exothermic self-sustained alloying of Al-shell/Ni-core nanoparticle triggered by laser irradiation Rong, Yiming 896
3D charge and 2D phonon transports leading to high out-of-plane ZT in n-type SnSe crystals Chang, Cheng 896
Electronic Transport Through Graphene Nanoribbons with Stone-Wales Reconstruction at Edges and Interfaces Wang, Jing 890
Superior corrosion protection and in vitro biocompatibility of Na-HApiCS composite coating on PoPD-coated 316L SS Ananth, K. Prem 888
Effect of surface treatment on the dispersion of nano zirconia particles in non-aqueous suspensions for stereolithography Sun, Jinxing 881
Ultrafast growth of single-crystal graphene assisted by a continuous oxygen supply Xu, Xiaozhi 876
Realizing a full volume component by in-situ welding during electron beam melting process Wang, Pan 873
Organocatalytic Asymmetric Assembly Reactions: Synthesis of Spirooxindoles via Organocascade Strategies Cheng, Daojuan 870
Treatment of 5 Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 With Convalescent Plasma Shen, Chenguang 867
Imide- and Amide-Functionalized Polymer Semiconductors Guo, Xugang 866
An Innovative Approach to Manganese-Substituted Hydroxyapatite Coating on Zinc Oxide-Coated 316L SS for Implant Application Ananth 865