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Nanocrystalline W-based alloys with ultrahigh hardness and exceptional irradiation tolerance Wu, Z. M. 742
Selective laser melting of the hard-to-weld IN738LC superalloy: Efforts to mitigate defects and the resultant microstructural and mechanical properties Wang, H. 734
Effects of agricultural activities on the temporal variations of streamflow: trends and long memory Chen, Chuke 733
Selective laser melting helps fabricate record-large bulk metallic glass: Experiments, simulation and demonstrative part Wang, Liang 720
Microfluidics for Biomedical Analysis Yang, Yong 719
Surface modification toward luminescent and stable silica-coated quantum dots color filter Zhao, Bingxin 652
New Benzo[1,2-d:4,5-d ']bis([1,2,3]thiadiazole) (iso-BBT)-Based Polymers for Application in Transistors and Solar Cells Bianchi, Luca 649
Adaptive moving mesh upwind scheme for the two-species chemotaxis model Chertock, Alina 648
An asymptotic preserving scheme for the two-dimensional shallow water equations with Coriolis forces Liu, Xin 645
Vertex-primitive s-arc-transitive digraphs of linear groups Giudici, Michael 643
Well-balanced schemes for the Euler equations with gravitation: Conservative formulation using global fluxes Chertock, Alina 643
A robust aqueous-processable polymer binder for long-life, high-performance lithium sulfur battery Yi, Huan 642
Universal fluctuations in the bulk of Rayleigh-Benard turbulence Xie, Yi-Chao 639
Role of cloud ERP and big data on firm performance: a dynamic capability view theory perspective Gupta, Shivam 635
A Second-Order Finite-Difference Method for Compressible Fluids in Domains with Moving Boundaries Chertock, Alina 634
Well-balanced positivity preserving central-upwind scheme with a novel wet/dry reconstruction on triangular grids for the Saint-Venant system Liu, Xin 632
A New Approach for Designing Moving-Water Equilibria Preserving Schemes for the Shallow Water Equations Cheng, Yuanzhen 631
Well-balanced schemes for the shallow water equations with Coriolis forces Chertock, Alina 627
High-order positivity-preserving hybrid finite-volume-finite-difference methods for chemotaxis systems Chertock, Alina 626
Solvothermal synthesis of nano-LiMnPO4 from Li3PO4 rod-like precursor: reaction mechanism and electrochemical properties Yang, Shi-Liu 620
Uniform convergence of V-cycle multigrid finite element method for one-dimensional time-dependent fractional problem Chen, Minghua 619
Fabrication of Nano-Size AB-Type Carbonated Hydroxyapatite Particles from Seashells Ge, Y. M. 606
A novel MM algorithm and the mode-sharing method in Bayesian computation for the analysis of general incomplete categorical data Tian, Guo-Liang 596
Scalable fabrication of robust superhydrophobic membranes by one-step spray-coating for gravitational water-in-oil emulsion separation Lin, Jiuyang 594
Indent Size Effects of Hydrogels at Micro-Meter Scale Wang, Kui 593
Bifurcation analysis of dynamic pricing processes with nonlinear external reference effects Lu, Shuixiu 592
Implementation of compressible porous-fluid coupling method in an aerodynamics and aeroacoustics code part I: Laminar flow Li, Zhiyong 591
Organogold(III) Supramolecular Polymers for Anticancer Treatment Zhang, Jing-Jing 578
ZnO nanorod/GaN light-emitting diodes: The origin of yellow and violet emission bands under reverse and forward bias Chen, Xinyi 576
Hole pairing from attraction of opposite-chirality spin vortices: Non-BCS superconductivity in underdoped cuprates Marchetti, P. A. 571
Effect of ZnO Nanoparticle Properties on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Performance Wong, Ka Kan 569
ZnO nanostructures: growth, properties and applications Djurisic 567
Methyl Thioether Functionalization of a Polymeric Donor for Efficient Solar Cells Processed from Non-Halogenated Solvents Zhang, Chun-Hui 566
Analytical modelling of sound transmission loss across finite clamped triple-wall sandwich panels in the presence of external mean flow Shen, Chao 564
Spray coating of polymer electret with polystyrene nanoparticles for electrostatic energy harvesting Xu, Yixin 564
Superconducting proximity effect on the block antiferromagnetism in KyFe2-xSe2 Jiang, Hong-Min 564
Large-scale fabrication of hierarchical alpha-Fe2O3 assemblies as high performance anode materials for lithium-ion batteries Ma, Ruguang 564
Luminescent Organogold(III) Complexes with Long-Lived Triplet Excited States for Light-Induced Oxidative C?H Bond Functionalization and Hydrogen Production To, Wai-Pong 564
Spray Coating of Polymer Electret with Nano Particles for Stable Surface Charge Xu, Yixin 563
Splitting Water on Metal Oxide Surfaces Xu, Hu 562
Indium oxide, tin oxide and indium tin oxide nanostructure growth by vapor deposition Fung, M. K. 558
Trapped ultracold bosons in periodically modulated lattices Huo, Jia-Wei 555
Quest for an intermolecular Au(III)center dot center dot center dot Au(III) interaction between cyclometalated gold(III)cations Lu, Wei 554
Atomistic insights into the exothermic self-sustained alloying of Al-shell/Ni-core nanoparticle triggered by laser irradiation Rong, Yiming 544
Multiscale Investigation of Femtosecond Laser Pulses Processing Aluminum in Burst Mode Rong, Yiming 537
Excellent Adsorptive Behaviors of ZnO Nanoparticle-Deposited Activated Carbon Covered with Nano-Graphene Oxide Ji, Tian-Hao 536
Electronic Transport Through Graphene Nanoribbons with Stone-Wales Reconstruction at Edges and Interfaces Wang, Jing 531
An Innovative Approach to Manganese-Substituted Hydroxyapatite Coating on Zinc Oxide-Coated 316L SS for Implant Application Ananth 507
Effect of surface treatment on the dispersion of nano zirconia particles in non-aqueous suspensions for stereolithography Sun, Jinxing 502
Realizing a full volume component by in-situ welding during electron beam melting process Wang, Pan 499
Effect of overlap distance on the microstructure and mechanical properties of in situ welded parts built by electron beam melting process Wang, Pan 497
Superior corrosion protection and in vitro biocompatibility of Na-HApiCS composite coating on PoPD-coated 316L SS Ananth, K. Prem 494
Efficient synthesis and facile functionalization of highly fluorescent spiro [pyrrol-pyran] Tan, Jingyun 493
Tribological and mechanical properties of MoS2 enhanced polyamide 12 for selective laser sintering Bai, Jiaming 492
Trace metal speciation in North Sea coastal waters Gaulier, Camille 450
Targeting LIF-mediated paracrine interaction for pancreatic cancer therapy and monitoring Shi, Yu 450
Heat and mass transfer in a hollow fiber membrane contactor for sweeping gas membrane distillation Huang, Si-Min 438
Study on reinforced thermoplastic pipe under combined tension and internal pressure Qiao, Hongdong 424
Electret-material enhanced triboelectric energy harvesting from air flow for self-powered wireless temperature sensor network Wu, Yingchun 415
Model for Predicting Radial Temperature Distribution of Semi-Solid Slug Produced by Swirled Enthalpy Equilibration Device (SEED) Process Luo, Min 406
MEMS Electrostatic Energy Harvesting Device with Spray Coated Electret Luo, Anxin 404
Extension of SPH to simulate non-isothermal free surface flows during the injection molding process Xu, Xiaoyang 392
Optimal Control of Fully Coupled FBSDE with Partial Information Wang, Guangchen 390
Metabolic Labeling of Newly Synthesized RNA with 4sU to in Parallel Assess RNA Transcription and Decay Sun, Wei 389
Anisotropic Landau level splitting and Lifshitz transition induced magnetoresistance enhancement in ZrTe5 crystals Zhou, L. 385
Ethylene Treatment in Studying Leaf Senescence in Arabidopsis Li, Zhonghai 384
An improved mapped weighted essentially non-oscillatory scheme Feng, Hui 383
An Introduction to Optimal Control of FBSDE with Incomplete Information Preface Wang, Guangchen 383
The invertibility of Toeplitz plus Hankel operators with subordinated operators of even index Didenko, Victor D. 380
Mean-field anticipated BSDEs driven by fractional Brownian motion and related stochastic control problem Douissi, Soukaina 380
An Introduction to Optimal Control of FBSDE with Incomplete Information Introduction Wang, Guangchen 379
Metal Oxides/Hydroxides Composite Electrodes for Supercapacitors Ramachandran 377
The networked evolutionary algorithm: A network science perspective Du, Wenbo 376
Constructing 2-Arc-Transitive Covers of Hypercubes Giudici, Michael 375
BSDE and FBSDE Wang, Guangchen 375
Highly in-plane anisotropic 2D semiconductors beta-AuSe with multiple superior properties: a first-principles investigation Gong, Peng-Lai 374
A new operational method to solve Abel's and generalized Abel's integral equations Sadri, K. 374
High-Temperature Dielectric Materials for Electrical Energy Storage Li, Qi 374
Weyl Semimetals Wan, Bo 374
Sustainable management of landfill leachate concentrate through recovering humic substance as liquid fertilizer by loose nanofiltration Ye, Wenyuan 371
Occurrence, distribution, bioaccumulation, and ecological risk of bisphenol analogues, parabens and their metabolites in the Pearl River Estuary, South China Zhao, Xue 366
IVS2vec: A tool of Inverse Virtual Screening based on word2vec and deep learning techniques Zhang, Haiping 365
Linkage Effect in the Heterogenization of Cobalt Complexes by Doped Graphene for Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction Wang, Jiong 364
Optimal Control of FBSDE with Partially Observable Information Wang, Guangchen 364
LQ Optimal Control Models with Incomplete Information Wang, Guangchen 363
Super-exchange theory for polyvalent anion magnets Zhang, Fang 361
Remarkable anodic performance of lead titanate 1D nanostructures via in-situ irreversible formation of abundant Ti3+ as conduction pathways Shi, Zhiyong 360
A space fractional constitutive equation model for non-Newtonian fluid flow Sun, HongGuang 359
Semistable models for modular curves and power operations for Morava E-theories of height 2 Zhu, Yifei 358
A principal varying-coefficient model for quantile regression: Joint variable selection and dimension reduction Zhao, Weihua 358
Testing hypothesis for a simple ordering in incomplete contingency tables Li, Hui-Qiong 358
Trap behaviours characterization of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors by room-temperature transient capacitance measurement (vol 6, 095021, 2016) Dong, Bin 357
Ionicity of bonding in elemental solids Zhang, Hu 355
Filtering of BSDE and FBSDE Wang, Guangchen 355
Singularity-free black holes in conformal gravity: New observational constraints Zhou, Menglei 352